Master Stand-up Comedy

with Hypnosis and NLP

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Further Details:

Master Stand-Up Comedy workshop With Blane Savage & JohnO’Brien (Obie).

  • Have you ever wanted the to perform at stand-up comedy? 
  • Have you ever wondered what it took to write material that had an audience in stitches?
  • Have you ever fantasized at the thought of making a room full of people laugh ? 

 Well now is your chance!!

Performing stand-up comedy at its best can offer you one of the biggest adrenaline highs legally available and is a truly awesome experience. The feeling you get when an audience laugh at your unique material is amazing. This unique stand-up comedy workshop offers not only the skills to develop your own personal comic style & strategies for the production of your own material, it will also use techniques from NLP and hypnosis that mentally prepare you to get up on stage and perform at your best during a stand-up event. These amazing techniques have been used by Derren Brown and Paul Mc Kenna to boost peoples performance in all walks of life.

In the workshop, both theory and comedic practice will be explored, including comedic structural processes, writing for comedy and detailed analysis of stagecraft. A range of comedic styles and your own preferred personal humour will be examined.

There is no one path to become a comedian. There are so many variables that can influence the comedic outcome of a gig; the venue, the profile of the audience, the expertise and energy levels of the entertainer; all need to be considered, before we even begin to de- construct the content of the material. The material’s appropriateness, delivery, timing and degree of novelty combine in the mix to influence the outcomes of the performance. Due to the combinations of these factors, it is impossible for the conscious mind to control everything that is required, so the course has been developed to help you enhance your utilisation of unconscious creative mind states and teach you to run patterns which will make the experience as fun and exhilarating as possible.

To achieve all of this, you will be taught the skills of self-hypnosis and the use of NLP techniques to teach you new strategies in developing personal creativity, in overcoming stress and stage fright, speaking in public and creating a stand-up performance persona that is congruent with your aspirations.

The course is run by  and by Blane Savage, a clinical hypnotherapist, NLP training specialist &  author together with stand-up comedian John O’Brien (Obie).

Blane is clinical hypnotherapist and a member of the Scottish Institute of Hypnotherapy. He is also an NLP Training Specialist, being taught by Paul McKenna and the world’s greatest hypnotherapist, Dr Richard Bandler. In his practice, he regularly works with clients to help them overcome fears, addictions, phobias, stopping smoking and helps boost their emotional performance in all aspects of their lives. . Recently, Blane has written a book, ‘Master Stand-Up Comedy with Hypnosis and NLP’ which is published by NLP Books. where all aspects of being a stand-up comedian are explored.

Obie has performed on the comedy circuit for 14 years and has had six successful years performing solo show at the Edinburgh and Glasgow and Melbourne comedy festivals. Obie has also done warm up gigs for the BBC and has performed at Wickerman, one of Scotland’s biggest music festivals. Has been on stage with many well known UK comedians and is a regular headline and support act on the Scottish comedy circuit.

Due to the intensive one to one training on this course numbers are limited to a maximum of ten students at each workshop event.

At the end of two days intensive training, there will be an opportunity to perform live stand-up comedy, to a select audience including friends and family, as the finale to the workshop. This could be the first stage in becoming a member of the elite club of stand-up comedians and a potential route to a future career in comedy.

Details of the course :

Saturday 12.00pm to 5pm

Sunday 12.00pm to 11pm

Due to the intensive nature of the course, there are only ten places available